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27 July 2007

One way to cut down on housework

Cut down the size of the house. Apparently it's possible to live in 84 square feet.

The house cost $10,000 to build, largely from reused materials. That's less than $120 a square foot, which is certainly competitive with, um, more conventional housing.

More important, she likes it there.

Posted at 6:13 AM to Entirely Too Cool

Makes me wonder about the cubic feet. They don't mention the third dimension. Still...

Posted by: Winston at 7:22 AM on 27 July 2007

This takes me back to this live tiny post by Peter Davidson (who seems to have stopped blogging), in which he pointed out a company that makes this kind of house.

I thought they were pretty cool. I'd have to stop being a packrat, though. Not to mention I'd have to have stayed single...

Posted by: Jay at 8:34 AM on 27 July 2007

If this catches on, the housing market is in deeper doo than they thought. On the other hand, it would be a lot easier for me to show one of these.

Posted by: Dan B at 8:54 AM on 27 July 2007

Live in Japan for a few months. You'll see, cramped living spaces get old fast. Anyway, if you like being in a small box, I guarantee you'll get the opportunity soon enough. We all will.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 7:48 PM on 27 July 2007