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8 July 2007

Or you could just take the train

Beth envisions a world of transpo-pods:

I think we're at a point technologically where we could have vehicles that are completely programmable and self driving.

Imagine a vehicle — a kind of personal pod that can come in models for any # of people; one person, two person, six person, whatever, pods — that all you do is get in — type in your destination, and sit back and let it take you there. In the pod there is wi-fi, music, video, whatever you'd like for entertainment, or even just space to sleep until you arrive.

And the payoff is huge:

I know the initial cost would be massive.

But ... just think what it would be worth to never have to pay for car insurance, or traffic tickets, or to sit [in] traffic, or have another crash or fatality due to vehicles.

I suspect it would take a lot more than robot cars to create this Utopia. For one thing, they'll be operated by computers, and computers crash. Rather a lot more than cars do, in fact. If anything, this will force the price of insurance upwards.

Besides, some of us crazy fools like to drive.

Posted at 6:02 PM to Driver's Seat

Just don't run the pods on Windows. :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 8:20 PM on 8 July 2007

Oh, dear God, no. We'd have to restart every 20 miles.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:22 PM on 8 July 2007

The AI needed for automated driving machines is still a ways off. You can't even expect your robo-vacuum to do a thorough job navigating your living room, so...

While I do look forward to AI, I would use it to replace politicians before I used it to replace cars.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:30 PM on 9 July 2007