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28 July 2007

Saturday spottings (transitional period)

I hadn't done one of these for a while, and the weather didn't look like it was going to turn horrid on me, so out I went — though the first order of business was to do the grocery shopping, and sometime during the past week the store I used to go to turned into a store I won't ever go to again.

The Homeland that used to be an Albertson's hasn't changed much: prices are within a few percentage points, generally, and other than a switch from one store brand to another, the shelves look much the same. But somebody isn't sweating the details: an access point in the floor near the meat counter, normally screwed down tight, wasn't for some reason, and some poor woman rounding the corner knocked the metal lid out of position, something that couldn't have happened if it had been screwed down tight. I don't think she was injured — the cart caught most of the impact — but still, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Worse yet, getting the sale price on sale items is apparently contingent upon possessing one of their cute little datacards, and I object to this on a couple of grounds: first, I resent the idea that I should pay more for something because I'm not giving them personal information; and second, at some point there will be another Democratic administration — they can't lose all the time — and some miscreant thereof will decide that in the interest of keeping down the health-care costs they just inflated to Hindenburg size, it will be necessary to tap into supermarket records to see what people are eating and take the appropriate action, and I simply refuse to expedite the collection of this sort of data. So as of next week, I'm looking for a new grocer, and no, I'm not considering Wal-Mart.

McGehee, responding to this post, asked: "Well, in my mind 'estate' in this context implies a house on a fairly sizable piece of land. Is there any correlation between the terminology and the size of the yard?" I was unable to coax this information out of the Cleveland County Assessor's Web site, so I drove down to the subdivision in question, which is just west of the mostly-deserted South Lakes Regional Park (on the other hand, Earlywine, on the opposite side of I-44, was pretty busy). It's hard to tell, there being relatively few structures so far, but it looks like the estates are farther apart than the villas, which indeed suggests that they're on larger lots. Incidentally, there's another community of "villas" a couple of miles east on 119th, which was locked behind a gate but which looked awfully condo-esque to me.

Back through downtown, where the Reggae Fest is going on, and apparently also some sort of Southern gospel gathering. I admit, I saw lots more folk in their Sunday best than in rasta regalia. And I took a look at the slightly-renamed Legacy at Arts Quarter apartments just north of the Civic Center, which came under fire from some of our New Urbanists for not looking, well, urban enough. Given the total lack of setback from the street, and the fact that the buildings mostly mask the parking garage, I think they fit in well enough, and they were sensible enough to save the lower level for retail. (Local favorite Velvet Monkey has already taken part of the area for their third salon.)

Also downtown, the Kerr-McGee block letters have been scraped off the stone in preparation for the arrival of SandRidge Energy, which bought the old KMG HQ from Chesapeake Energy about three minutes after Chesapeake acquired it from Anadarko Petroleum, which took over Kerr-McGee some months back. Also included in the deal is Kerr Park, which is in need of some TLC.

And somewhere around town is a woman with really dark sunglasses and a pink scooter. I spotted her today on 50th near Independence. If you check the back tire on this particular vehicle, you may well find tiny little pieces of my heart stuck in the tread.

Posted at 6:14 PM to City Scene

You are making me homesick.

Posted by: Deb at 7:23 PM on 28 July 2007

I won't possess one of their cards either for the very same reason. But even more importantly I refuse to shop Homeland because of the number they pulled on their employees back when they went away from the Safeway name. And to add insult to injury I hear they are planning to call them Safeway again soon!

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:00 PM on 28 July 2007

just sign up as Daffy Duck, they cannot reject you. or any favorite literary character, 123 Main St., Anytown, USA. data is data.

Posted by: zigzag at 11:03 PM on 28 July 2007

I have never seen any evidence that Kroger uses the information attached to their cards to track what I buy -- if they did, they wouldn't keep running out of the stuff I buy.

I do appreciate that they keep a running total of each month's purchases, though. Ten cents a gallon off at their gas station almost makes it worth the gas I burn getting there.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:00 PM on 29 July 2007

I have found Buy for Less at NW Exp/Portland and the Crest on 23rd to be decently clean, reasonably priced know, if you were looking for suggestions.

50th & Independence is near my 'hood, I'll keep an eye out for you.

Posted by: Jason at 7:54 PM on 29 July 2007

I have experience with Crest, albeit the original Midwest City store. (Before moving over here, I lived around the north end of MWC, between 10th and 23rd.) It didn't thrill me then, but it was cheap.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:13 PM on 29 July 2007