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23 July 2007

Strange search-engine queries (77)

As usual on Monday morning, we present entirely too many examples of the search string at its strangest: each and every one of these showed up in my referrer log during the last week.

menendez brothers clemency:  For what? Because they're orphans?

"elton john" boron:  A major component of Crocodile Rock.

just friends unattractive:  Maybe, but sometimes it's the only alternative you get. (This site is also #1 on Google for "unattractive dating".)

is subaru for democrats?  They don't ask your affiliation at the dealership.

"car that runs on" "fairy dust":  Must be a Subaru.

antique pictures university of oklahoma athletics:  From a time when they weren't under NCAA investigation, I assume.

i-65 traffic accident outside atlanta georgia on 16 july:  Since I-65 doesn't come close to Atlanta, this must mean all of them.

peter noone nude:  I'm Henry with 8, I am.

she was too sexy to be a librarian:  So they hid her behind the reference desk and hoped no one would notice.

Dan Blocker penis size:  Didn't you figure there was a reason they called him "Hoss"?

am i gay for getting a brazilian bikini wax:  Not unless you got it from Glenn Greenwald.

walt disney is a perv:  But he's a dead perv.

chemical formula C3PO:  Tricarbon oxyphosphate? Doesn't look stable to me.

why are we here:  Because we were already over there.

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Dan Blocker penis size: Didn't you figure there was a reason they called him "Hoss"?

At least he wasn't hung like a moose.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:05 AM on 23 July 2007