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22 July 2007

The statue of Patton is snickering

Now this is productivity. Not only does this fellow go out of his way to tell us that Rudy Giuliani once said "Bullshit" in public, but he manages to produce a pretty good quantity of it himself:

I thought it might tell us something about the reliability and temperament of this man who is asking us to make him our next Commander in Chief — especially now that he's trying to win the support of GOP "values voters."

Two words: "Howard Dean."

And while I am not numbered among the ranks of the GOP, I value very highly the ability to recognize bullshit, and even more so the willingness to describe it as such.

(Via Emperor Misha, who has never had any problems doing so.)

Posted at 6:10 PM to Political Science Fiction

I won't be voting for him, anyway, but were I so inclined... He was the mayor of NEW YORK! It'd be far more worrisome if he'd NEVER said a curse word.

Posted by: Veronica at 12:49 PM on 23 July 2007

I use the term all the time at mortgage brokers and at other real estate agents, but then again most of them of full of it.

Posted by: Dan B at 6:15 PM on 23 July 2007