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30 July 2007

Trees indirectly saved by naturists

As The New York Times goes, so goes the nation, at least in terms of pulp volume. From The Bulletin, the monthly tabloid published by the American Association for Nude Recreation, this front-page announcement by James Banttari, who heads up commercial printing at The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida:

It was recently announced that The New York Times will be making the move that the majority of U.S. newspapers made in the early part of this decade — a reduction in the size of its newspaper. As The Ledger serves as a Times national edition print site that prints The Bulletin, we also will be making this change effective with the September issue.

We firmly believe the end result is worth the investment. The resulting product will have the ability to lower printing expenses and showcase a new look to readers. The decrease in weight may mean additional savings. This change will result in a more reader-friendly publication — a benefit to both members and advertisers.

Link added by me. Mr Banttari doesn't mention it, but The Ledger is more than just a remote print site for The New York Times: the paper is actually owned by the Times company. This isn't a problem, really, but perhaps he should have said so.

As for The Bulletin, my main concern, of course, is whether the present level of coverage will be changed.

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