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9 July 2007

Well, we got no class

And I don't have a whole lot of principal, which brings down my overall results in The New York Times Social Class Calculator.

Nor am I alone. Erica notes:

I think people in my particular demographic are seeing a huge discrepancy between occupation / education / income and wealth. At least I am, anyway.

In their case, it's likely because they simply don't own a lot of the stuff that is considered "wealth." I have more of it, I suppose, but I also have more debt than they do (two words: "Surlywood mortgage"), so I come out around the same place. I may own six figures, but I also owe six figures. (Fortunately, what I own is still more than what I owe.)

And I used to have the same obsession with class as the Times has:

When I was younger — and, let's face it, up to now I always was younger — I was convinced that the world, or at least the part of it that was relevant to my existence, operated on a caste system, and that movement across those social strata was less common than the American We the People mythos would have us believe.

I perceived three subsets: lower, middle and upper, each of which was divided into three further subsets: lower, middle and upper. The bottom of the range was therefore Lower Lower (duh), while the top was Upper Upper (double duh). I should have known that there was something askew with this scheme when I couldn't locate the dividing line between Upper Lower (#3) and Lower Middle (#4), despite the fact that crossing that line was high on my list of Things to Do; I saw myself as Middle Lower (#2), and that sight made me ill.

Fortunately, I got over (most of) it.

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I find it interesting that scientists are highly regarded yet most of them don't make that much compared to some other professions. And considering how much people complain about lawyers, why are they #2? Does the money make up for their perceived ethical bluriness?

Posted by: sya at 8:45 PM on 9 July 2007

Remember, it's always somebody else's lawyer who is evil. Your lawyer is always one of the Good Guys.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:51 PM on 9 July 2007

In their case, it's likely because they simply don't own a lot of the stuff that is considered "wealth."

Yeah, pretty much. I don't own a house and I don't have a whole lot saved up for retirement. So I guess all I have is my car and my furniture, and I most certainly owe more than all that is worth.

Posted by: Erica at 9:53 AM on 10 July 2007