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20 July 2007

What a Whole

Oklahoma City's hipsters (all 19 of them) are champing at the bit at the (currently remote) possibility of a Whole Foods (or similar) store in town. But Blythe isn't so sure:

[A]s Whole Foods continues to ignore it's northern neighbor (WF is headquartered in Austin) and as it was revealed that the CEO is a serious tool, I am over it. Turns out, Forward Foods, right here in Norman, can provide me with all the Boylan Seltzer and FAGE Total 0% yogurt that I need to sustain my ailing liver. Also, they have tons of cheeses and will give you samples! I bought some delightful Gouda yesterday. Delightful! Seriously, what is better than cheese? Olives (well, close second). They have olives. And pasta in bulk. And Mrs. Meyer's products so my whole life can smell like geraniums! I could have spent a lot of time in this tiny shop, but people were starting to look at me funny. Also, it's right next to the local record store, so I can feed all of my addictions (well, the legal ones anyway) in one stop. So, basically, screw you Whole Foods. I don't need you anymore.

Then again:

However, I wouldn't turn down a Trader Joe's. Not gonna lie. I could survive on an IV of the Roasted Corn Tortilla Chowder.

Raise a glass of Two-Buck Chuck, and smile.

Posted at 3:48 PM to City Scene

you know, though, i think one of the reasons we don't have a whole foods or trader joe's is because of the inability to sell wine and beer. we're doomed. but sober. well, at least at the grocery store.

Posted by: blythe at 4:43 PM on 20 July 2007

You might be right about that. But how likely is it we'll update our liquor laws from medieval to, say, Victorian?

Posted by: CGHill at 4:58 PM on 20 July 2007

i spent the last 7 or so years in the puritanical state of MA (it's surprisingly uptight, contrary what non-residents might think), where they finally relented and now sell liquor on sunday's from 12-6. there's hope. except this is oklahoma...

man. wish i had that two buck right about now.

Posted by: blythe at 11:14 PM on 20 July 2007