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14 July 2007

Who knew I had a social calendar?

So this evening I met up with the lovely (well, she is, dammit, and I refuse to believe she's that old) Deb from Boondoggled, and not only can she put up with me for an hour or two, she's a pretty fair raconteur (I refuse to turn this into "raconteuse") in her own right. Over Mexican food and beverages I will not describe, we swapped tales about all manner of things, a task made easier by the fact that most of her pre-Suthun life was spent in good ol' Oklahoma. (There's a funny Wayne Coyne story, but I'd rather she told it.)

Which means that the middle of the day, which was marked by thunderstorms and traffic and more thunderstorms, will eventually be forgotten, while the memories of two remarkable women (here's the first) will remain. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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It is true though, I am THAT old. ;-)

Posted by: Deb at 8:59 PM on 14 July 2007