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26 July 2007

You're drinking too fast

Gwendolyn has a spa day today — 97,500-mile service, a mere 3,388 miles late — and the dealership saved me a 2007 G35. This one is mostly the same as the last '07 G I got to drive, but one of the fifty bazillion display settings has caused an annoying MPG meter to be parked right in the center of the gauge cluster, a big red bar graph that spends a lot of time at 0 mpg, mostly because traffic isn't moving at that exact moment. I suppose this is intended to make people aware of their fuel consumption, but believe me, every time I fill a gas tank (fifteen times this month), I am acutely aware of how much I'm using. This might be more useful were it set for something other than instantaneous fuel economy, which, after all, is rather transient. (It's maybe 6 mpg during half-throttle acceleration in first gear, but this condition seldom lasts more than a couple of seconds, inasmuch as the car can reach 60 mph in less than six seconds, during which time it's upshifted to second.)

In a vehicle designed for maximum fuel economy as the primary goal — your Priuses (I refuse to say "Prii") and such — this sort of gizmo might be fun to play with. (And with the engine stopped at traffic lights, you're dividing by zero, so MPG is undefined at that point: it should be literally off the scale.) In a sports sedan, it's just one more distraction.

Addendum: On a trip up the Lake Hefner Parkway, I decided to see what I could get the MPG display to do. With cruise set at a stolid 65 mph, the bar contracted and expanded with every little speed adjustment, from the low 20s to around 30. I did better, or at least with less irregularity, just holding the pedal in place. Cruise off, I passed a sluggard in an Expedition, and the bar practically disappeared as the G boomed up to a quick 80 mph, only to stretch itself out to full length, an implausible 60 mpg, as I dropped back to a speed less likely to attract the attention of John Law. Over on the data screen (which doubles as the nav screen, had they installed the nav system, which they hadn't) I found a cumulative mileage readout, which sat at a solid 18, and the declaration of 275 miles left on this tankful. I suppose if I obsessed about gas prices I would make use of this tool, which requires you to reset it at appropriate intervals, but I'm more the grumbling type.

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I've aquired one of Gwendolyn's cousins; still haven't figured out what all the gizmos do, but I've got 'em.

Posted by: wamprat at 1:02 PM on 26 July 2007

Indeed she does. (A phone call revealed that she'd bought an M35 in exactly the color scheme I'd want in an M35, and despite the seven-year age difference, there are plenty of family ties, mostly connected to the legendary Nissan VQ engine.)

Posted by: CGHill at 4:25 PM on 26 July 2007

Are you guys speaking Greek or what?? I understood about five words in that post.


Posted by: Deb at 6:03 AM on 27 July 2007

I think that comes from us knowing each other for many years; a lot of our tastes are quite similiar.
Also, the thing on the dash he's talking about, I've been playing with myself. I'm just the female version. Scary, isn't it?

Posted by: wamprat at 12:48 PM on 27 July 2007

Anent which, I have a story to relate, which will appear in an upcoming post.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:20 PM on 27 July 2007