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16 August 2007

Battle of the Blogger Body Parts

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has put out his regular list of Favorite 40 Bloggers, and it's about what you'd expect, given Hawkins' conservative bent and eye for the ladies/drooling fanboy tendencies [choose one]. The American Princess finished five spots above Atlas Shrugs, about which the Princess herself comments:

We think that this is clear and convincing proof that all those bikini shots people keep asking us for will not increase traffic one iota, because it means you can still get beat by a pair of legs and a cynical bent.

I await with (barely) bated breath a comment from Dennis the Peasant.

Addendum, Saturday: The Princess on television!

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I wondered why I didn't make the list of Favorite 40 Bloggers, until I remembered I'm 45.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:42 AM on 16 August 2007