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14 August 2007

Because it's so hard to get pizza here

From the press release:

Marco's Pizza, founded in Toledo, OH 29 years ago and home of the Ah! Thentic Italian Pizza, announced plans to open 38 stores in Oklahoma including 21 in Oklahoma City and 17 in the Tulsa area. Jack Butorac, Jr., president of Marco's Franchising, LLC, a franchise development veteran, announced the agreement with MG Pizza Ventures based [in Oklahoma City].

The first unit, which will represent the 9th state for Marco's, is expected to open October 2007.

"Ah! Thentic"? Oh, geez.

Posted at 7:44 AM to Soonerland

As soon as you hear about these individual franchises described as 'units', you know the effort is doomed. Pizza places are never "units". They are pizza "places" or (preferably) "joints".

I dearly love the guys at Benny Tudino's, but they are none of them brain surgeons, from Benny on down. Nor does what they are doing seem all that complex. Yet, the pizzamaker's art does not seem to transplant well to other parts of the nation. Even here (the world's pizza capital in therms of volume and variety), there is much more BAD pizza than good. Surely this deserves a research grant.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 10:46 AM on 15 August 2007

One of my personal rules is that if a restaurant self-describes its cooking as "authentic," it's probably a place best avoided.

I think cutesy puns on the word double the warning value of the "authentic" moniker.

If I want pizza, I either make my own at home, or go to the local family-run Italian joint. That doesn't have "franchises" or "units."

Posted by: fillyjonk at 8:06 AM on 16 August 2007

Seriously, when should I expect my research grant?

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 9:37 PM on 16 August 2007