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31 August 2007

Doofus alert

Actually, if he'd been more alert, he'd have been less of a doofus. Grrl Genius Cathryn Michon explains:

There's been a man going around L.A., telling people he's my boyfriend, but hes not. He's not funny or charming or sweet. He isn't a brilliantly talented writer, in fact, he can't even spell.

Can't be me. I'm not going around L.A. these days, and I can spell.

Who is this knucklehead?

He's a guy who reached into the mailbox of our apartment building, stole a piece of mail with a check in it, printed up some checks, copied Bruce's signature and took every last dime out of the bank account, despite misspelling the name of Bruce's company.

But that's not what makes him a maroon. This is:

He's an idiot, this guy, because he showed I.D. with his actual name and his actual address on it and so the police dropped by a few days ago and arrested him.

Sheesh. Remember when criminals used to have standards?

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