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23 August 2007

I can has Scripture?

Evidently so:

  1. Oh hai! Dis Paul. I'z sent not by mans but by Baby Jesus and by Invisible Man that made him zomby.

  2. Deer Galatians,

  3. Peas and cookies 2 u from Invisible Man and Baby Jesus,

  4. Who saved from sinz and rezqued u from evil now time,

  5. And gotz gloree 4 eva and eva and eva and eva. Srsly.

I think I liked it better in the original Klingon:

  1. Paul, an apostle ( ghobe' vo' loDpu', ghobe' vegh loD, 'ach vegh Jesus Christ, je joH'a' the vav, 'Iv raised ghaH vo' the Heghpu'),

  2. je Hoch the loDnI'pu' {Note: The mu' vaD "loDnI'pu'" naDev je nuqDaq context allows may je taH correctly translated "loDnI'pu' je sisters" joq "siblings."} 'Iv 'oH tlhej jIH, Daq the yejmey vo' Galatia:

  3. Grace Daq SoH je roj vo' joH'a' the vav, je maj joH Jesus Christ,

  4. 'Iv nobta' himself vaD maj yemmey, vetlh ghaH might toD maH pa' vo' vam present mIghtaHghach age, according Daq the DichDaq vo' maj joH'a' je

  5. vav— Daq 'Iv taH the batlh reH je ever. Amen

For some reason, Firefox's ostensible spellchecker is choking on some of the Klingon text, but on none of the Lolcat text. What can we learn from this?

(Note: Firefox's ostensible spellchecker is also choking on the word "spellchecker.")

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It chokes on 'okay' as well.

Posted by: Heather D at 4:22 PM on 23 August 2007

I rewrote this in another text box, and this time Firefox had some objections to the lolcat text. I am at a loss to explain this.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:25 PM on 23 August 2007

Or, for that matter, this.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:02 PM on 23 August 2007

I'z on yr cross, dyin 4 yr sinz. Ow. Srsly.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 10:09 PM on 23 August 2007