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7 August 2007

Look for the Union Station

It's at 300 SW 7th Street, and there's a rally Saturday at 11 10 am to try to save it.

From the release (background here):

OKC Union Station's rail yard is the last grand urban yard in the West with all its original space intact. Existing rail lines sprawling all over the metro and state converge here.

Unfortunately, our Department of Transportation is determined to destroy this treasure to make way for a hyper-expensive highway we don't need.

It's time ODOT ends the plan to destroy the Union Station yard to make way for a "New Crosstown" and simply repairs and upgrades the "Old Crosstown" — which reportedly could be done for less than $50 million. (The actual cost of the "New Crosstown" plan may now well exceed one billion dollars — that's for "four miles of new roadway".)

Using the state's unique 900 mile network of publicly owned rail lines, OKC Union Station is the only hope Baby Boomers and older Oklahomans have of seeing a comprehensive, regional rail transit system in our lifetimes.

This last paragraph may have been a misfire: rather a lot of people, including me and I'm one of them fercrissake, have no particular desire to cater to the Boomers, in aggregate a fairly-annoying lot. (Says Kim du Toit: "As an aging Boomer myself, nothing fills me with as much dread as watching my spoiled, petulant and self-absorbed generation getting older, and wailing about it.")

Still, if you're anxious to see some actual passenger rail in these parts before the next asteroid sweeps by, or even if you just think the New Crosstown is a boondoggle, come to the station at eleven ten Saturday. It will last, they say, about an hour.

Your major proponent: Tom Elmore, North American Transport Institute, 405.794.7163, or gtelmore at advancedtransport dot org.

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I like that word, boondoggle.


Posted by: Deb at 6:40 AM on 9 August 2007