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13 August 2007

Never mind the barracks

The Urban Land Institute has a nice little booklet (available here in PDF format) called "The Advantages of Multi-Family Housing."

They do not, of course, address the disadvantages:

The family above us allows their children to do who knows what at all hours of the night (it sounds like they are attempting to juggle bowling balls while jumping on their bed and screaming) and the only way to get them to quiet down is to call security. At one point we thought that the mother was intervening, to which I would have applauded her, but it only made the problem worse.

I learned today just how devious these undisciplined children really are. We started having sewer issues last night which caused the hall bathroom, hallway carpet, and the kitchen to flood. (Can we say disgusting?) Maintenance came out last night, and checked the line. No problem found. Same issue happened this afternoon. Come to find out, some little brat has been shoving plastic cups, paper towels, and all sorts of various garbage items down the sewer drain located in the breezeway.

Which is why no one lives on my urban land but me, dammit.

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Multi-family housing? Is this another Romney initiative?

Posted by: McGehee at 12:44 PM on 13 August 2007