The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 August 2007

Poppin' off at Pops

Not the Sodium Shoppe, but the tourist attraction in Arcadia that isn't the Round Barn. I dropped by this afternoon, and was informed that there was a two-hour wait to get into the actual building. For the benefit of those who just wanted a quickie lunch, they'd put up a tent on the western edge of the property, and they were serving up franks and burgers and a limited supply of sodas (Pepsi products, generally) which you could get more or less instantaneously.

So I still haven't actually been in the place. And if this pattern holds up, it may be years before I do. On the upside, Arcadia, which imposes a 4-percent sales tax (over and above the statewide 4.5 percent), is going to be flush with cash for once.

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