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12 August 2007

Somehow this just seems wrong

Hello Kitty tarot cardYet here it is. Compare and contrast with this: "The High Priestess represents wisdom, or an interest in knowledge, intuition and education. She is the feminine consciousness — the virgin goddess, the moon daughter. She challenges you to find what is hidden below the surface of a situation and remember the possibilities you hold inside. It signifies a time to uncover secrets in life because something in the unconscious is waiting to come out. Be guided by intuition and inspiration. She is a bridge to higher plane. Passive and receptive, she guards the gate of the unconscious and connects you to dreams, psychic powers, lunar cycles, and female mysteries. She is a subtle but powerful connection with the collective unconscious or world soul. Sometimes the High Priestess represents an enlightened and chaste woman. She can also represent a mysterious woman, a femme fatale, sexual and charismatic without emotional involvement. She also represents feminine principles and grace. She also can be a signal for the need for solitude, seclusion and meditation as well as wisdom and education." Maybe we should just turn it upside down.

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Behold, the Hello Kitty Tarot. A big curtsy to CGHill for linking to this piece of great wrongness....[read more]

What the heck is this -- the huggy bear tarot? lol

Posted by: Kay Dennison at 10:05 PM on 12 August 2007