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13 August 2007

Strange search-engine queries (80)

In case you just wandered in here from Lower Slobbovia — we're higher, though not tremendously so — once a week I shake out the contents of the referrer logs and assemble a compilation of search strings chosen for their sheer weirdness. The figure above in parentheses indicates that I've done this a few times before.

it ain't gonna suck itself:  Too bad. I'd love to see that on video.

"second life" male bushy pubic hair:  Because it's so hard to grow in real life.

steven tyler airbrushed paintings:  Didn't help. Still looks like Steven Tyler.

naked montanans:  You just want to see somebody's Butte.

erotic chrome female robots:  That will be $2000 extra.

jello in loincloth:  No wonder Tarzan looks so glum these days.

men invented pantyhose make them wear it:  I don't think this is quite the sort of precedent you want to establish.

nudism in greenland:  See? There's an upside to global warming.

worm poop x-games:  Now that's "extreme."

naked women in new jersey married looking to get laid:  So far as I know, there are no naked women in New Jersey.

john edwards 5000 square foot home:  Home? That's the garage.

nude sunbath fence next door peek:  You do and I'll poke your eye out.

treating coprophagia with flintstones vitamins:  "Here, honey, try some of these. They taste like crap."

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Yabba dabba ewwwwwwwww!

Posted by: McGehee at 12:41 PM on 13 August 2007

Glad to see some of the nude Montana love being shared around.

Posted by: Craig at 1:44 PM on 14 August 2007

"So far as I know, there are no naked women in New Jersey."

Sure there are. Here.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 4:54 PM on 14 August 2007