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9 August 2007

The Brits recoil in horror

It's called Gunt, and allegedly it's a firearm for women, in three flavors: the hot-pink Classic Gunt revolver, the Charlotte Bronson semi-automatic, and the Golden Bassey. Posted prices in the UK range from £75 to twice that.

"Is this for real?" asks Dollymix:

We're not sure. Firstly, they claim to have found a "loophole" in which the guns will be available for women in the UK. Secondly, there's the matter of the name Gunt, and the fact that they have numerous quotes from celebrities. For example, Germaine Greer apparently said, "A Gunt is the most powerful weapon a girl has." And Britney Spears supposedly thinks that, "I always like the boys to know I'm packing my Gunt."

These guns aren't even available for men in the UK, according to the polite fictions imposed by the 1997 firearms bill that outlawed ownership of handguns altogether.

There is some doubt that the Gunt even exists, except as a viral. I have to concur: for one thing, I don't know any women who would be impressed by 9 millimeters. Besides, all that shiny stuff is counterproductive.

Posted at 10:20 AM to Dyssynergy

I can just imagine the furor that will erupt if British women start flashing their gunts willy-nilly.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:00 AM on 9 August 2007

Heh. You said "willy." Heh-heh.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:38 AM on 9 August 2007

would the sawed off version of this thing be a shaved gunt, I wonder?

Posted by: Akaky at 1:34 PM on 9 August 2007


Rhinestones and spraypaint on blank-firing starter pistols.

Effin' demeaning, too.

Posted by: Tam at 9:02 PM on 9 August 2007

I would prefer a HelloKitty M16 myself

Posted by: tioedong at 8:38 PM on 10 August 2007