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20 August 2007

The conversion of the Smug Easterner

Okay, she's not all that smug, really, but still:

I will admit to being a liberal, pretentious east coaster who would cannot comprehend that there are places in this country without a proper H&M or IKEA at least within spitting distance; thus my ambivalence towards Oklahoma. Of course I know itís there, but no one actually lived there and no one goes there and is there anything there?

It would never occur to us to spit on IKEA. At least, I don't think it would.

So imagine my normally tame and non-sporadic self up and cashed in a rapid reward award for a flight to Oklahoma City. I seriously felt like I was having an outer-body experience as I completed my transaction because how the hell was I to explain my sudden interest in the pan handle state and James Inhofe?

Not to worry. Very few of us actually in Oklahoma have that much interest in James Inhofe, except to this extent: "His term ends when?"

I just did this dreamy sigh because thereís such a soft spot in my heart now for Oklahoma. Of course it has its faults, but those faults are negated by its good qualities such as Sonic and Super Target and my ability to have a nice quiet weekend with one of my favorite people in the world, where we did nothing but run errands and I napped and drank more than my share of wine.

Like I've always said, it's the people who make this place.

Well, that and the cherry limeade.

Posted at 12:24 PM to Soonerland

I guess I am a hick. I don't know what an H&M or an IKEA even is, nor does my lack of knowledge bother me enough to Google it.

Posted by: Dan B at 8:28 PM on 20 August 2007

WTH is an "outer body" experience? Am I just too hopelessly Okie to realize that this SHOULD be "out-of-body"?

Posted by: unimpressed at 9:17 PM on 20 August 2007

Believe me, if you're thinking about Inhofe, you want the thought to be as far removed from your body as is humanly (or supernaturally) possible.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:19 PM on 20 August 2007

In his case, I'd rather he were out of this world (and on into the next), pretty much the same way I feel about Istook.

Posted by: unimpressed at 10:21 PM on 20 August 2007