The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 August 2007

The designated-Visa rule

News Item: Bank of America has become the first "Official Bank of the NFL" in the U.S. and has introduced the "NFL Checking" program that includes "Check Cards" and checks designed specifically for the pro football fan.

Well, okay. Pardon me while I stifle a yawn.

What I'd really like to see is for a bank to strike a deal with half of a sports league. Forget the minor details about how none of the major leagues would actually countenance such a thing, or how banks, once they get to a certain size, have a tendency to take their customer base for granted. I want to see, for example, an Official Bank of the National League, and an Official Bank of the American League, and I want to see them going head-to-head in their advertising throughout the baseball season, especially during All-Star Week and the World Series.

Hey, it's less contrived than the Bud Bowl.

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