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1 August 2007

The Dustbury Trace Parkway

Neither Rand nor McNally will acknowledge such a thing. Just the same, those of you who followed World Tour '07 may remember that Kirk was plotting the route, day by day, on Google Maps.

It finally occurred to me to take a look at the finished product — I'd seen it in its formative stages — and while the link is a mouthful, the results are just fine. Thank you, sir, and remember: 2008 is not so far away.

Posted at 4:38 PM to World Tour '07

Holy schmoly! That's awesome.

Except for the part where you cruised fifteen miles from my house and I wasn't even able to WAVE at you.

Posted by: Jennifer at 6:23 PM on 1 August 2007

Was it worse while I was actually in Raleigh? (Dr. Weevil and I had dinner at Milton's at Six Forks.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:21 PM on 1 August 2007

Milton's is a classic and a family favorite.

So, yes.

It's infinitely worse.

Posted by: Jennifer at 10:14 PM on 1 August 2007

Thanks, Chaz. It was kinda fun, and I really like this new feature of Google Maps. As you said, those URIs are real whoppers, and short of some DNS magic I don't know what we'd ever be able to do about it.

It's too bad we weren't able to connect while you were in Cedar Rapids -- you are, after all, one of the reasons I've dipped my toe into the blogosphere, so it would have been fun. But that was one crazy weekend.

Hope you had a great time, and I'll be reading you (and mapping?) in 08!

Posted by: Kirk at 8:31 AM on 2 August 2007