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22 August 2007

The tibiazation of television news

The Daily Mail, in a bit of classic Daily Mail feigned outrage:

In olden days a glimpse of a newsreader's stocking was looked on as something shocking. But now, it seems, almost anything goes — at least as far as Emily Maitlis is concerned.

The glamorous presenter decided to liven up proceedings during a televised trailer for the BBC's 10pm news. Perched casually on the edge of her circular desk, her stilettos dangling above the studio floor, the 36-year-old blonde swung one toned leg over the other.

Although she was wearing a relatively demure navy skirt-suit, Miss Maitlis's flash of shapely calf caused a stir among more conservative viewers who saw the 9pm trailer on Monday.

Which, if nothing else, demonstrates that England is way behind on this cultural phenomenon: here in the States, we're already in the Post-Couric Era. And considering what can be seen on a regular basis on our Spanish-language channels, I suspect the Brits doth protest too much. (Personal favorite: Ana Patricia Candiani on Telemundo.)

(Via Fark.)

Posted at 4:23 PM to Almost Yogurt

Oh sheesh, a little leg showing caused a ruckus? What kind of conservatives were they? Taliban?

Posted by: Heather at 11:31 PM on 22 August 2007

This is via Britain's Daily Mail. Their raison d’ętre is generally outrage at practically anything in the modern world.It does seem to appeal to old style Conservatives though.

Posted by: Emalyse at 3:18 AM on 23 August 2007

And just to make sure we all understood why they were outraged, they included multiple photos of the hussy displaying various portions of her anatomy for inspection.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:24 PM on 23 August 2007