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5 August 2007

This is too good not to reprint

Mythusmage sets a goal:

At the age of 53 I now — given my family history — have less than 40 years to live. With medical advances I might actually reach 2045. Still and all, it means I really don't have much time to get donations added to my sparse and pitiful record of $5.00 (From Lair of This Blog is Full of Crap if you were wondering).

That is the reason behind this post; I would like to see more donations come my way before my demise around the middle of this century. Five dollars, ten dollars, a thousand dollars, I don't ask for much. (Though a five thousand dollar donation would probably get the attention of Homeland Security, and I don't think anybody wants to deal with that kind of paperwork. So think kindly of Homeland Security employees and help reduce their paperwork load.)

Unlike certain parties who shall [Andrew Sullivan] remain unnamed, I will not hit you with some phony baloney immediate crisis. Instead I will use a phony baloney distant crisis. I will blog for as long as [I] can on whatever equipment I must use. Even if I'm limited to 15 minutes a day on it. All to keep posting strange, confused, confusing posts on strange, confused, confusing topics. With the occasional strange, confused, confusing post on something that actually fakes importance, pertinence, and even topicality better than my usual crap.

Donate not because it would help me upgrade my computing equipment. Donate not because it's the right thing to do. Donate not because you've got some extra cash and don't know what to do with it. Donate instead because it means you won't have that money to donate to he who shall not be [Andrew Sullivan] named. Remember, if you give it to me you won't have it to give to [Andrew Sullivan] him.

There are few things in life I appreciate more than clear-cut motivation.

Like the Mage, I am 53; unlike him, I have no expectation of lasting until 2045. (Tomorrow I expect to be read the medical equivalent of the Riot Act and put on a diet of gruel and igneous rocks. None of that sedimentary junk.) And I've never actually requested any donations. On the other hand, if you'd like to reimburse me for the five bucks I sent him, I won't even complain.

Posted at 9:42 AM to Blogorrhea

Glad I could entertain in my own small way. :)

Seriously... Folks, no amount is too small. You know of somebody who could use a buck or two, and you have it to spare, drop it on them.

Same goes for comments. A simple thank you can make a blogger's day.

Posted by: Alan Kellogg at 10:45 AM on 5 August 2007

lol Chaz! Too funny!

Posted by: Kay Dennison at 12:07 PM on 5 August 2007