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20 August 2007

We mean business

Syaffolee found this in downtown Spokane, but I suspect they have affiliates and subsidiaries and whatever pretty much everywhere:


Reminds me of that America's Worst Apple Pie place up in Pennsylvania.

Posted at 4:27 PM to Entirely Too Cool

Huh. Now I know who designed my ISP's tech support system.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:00 PM on 20 August 2007

Always a good policy to be upfront with your customer! :-)

Posted by: T Town Tommy at 11:43 PM on 20 August 2007

Whatever's in the water over there, pump some into DC please.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 11:55 PM on 20 August 2007

Yeah, they have several affiliates around Nashville that operate under a variety of names. I don't remember any of them advertising their suckiness, but they sure deliver it in spades...

Posted by: Winston at 5:47 AM on 21 August 2007

I live in Spokane, and there's no better place to buy used instruments and equipment than Dutch's. Believe me, between the kids and myself we own enough musical gear to really appreciate the bargains, specially when one of them is wanting to learn a new instrument.

It started out as a pawn shop, if I remember right.

Posted by: Terry at 6:06 PM on 21 August 2007