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16 August 2007

With which you can buy Hello Kitty stuff

It's the official Hello Kitty Platinum Visa.

This will have to do, as Popgadget says, "until Hello Kitty takes the final step toward total world domination and starts printing her own currency."

In Kitty we trust.

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I read, via, that now we can combine both "Hello Kitty" and post-modern consumerism. With this final step of a "Hello Kitty Platinum Visa", one of the last prophesies of St. John has come to pass. Rev 13:11.......[read more]

Or perhaps there are more eschatological overtones to this new development?

Posted by: Allen at 10:33 PM on 16 August 2007

My Hello Kitty tarot cards predicted this post.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 12:33 AM on 17 August 2007