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25 August 2007

You and your damn dubs

My first car, inexplicably, had 14-inch wheels up front and 15-inchers in the back. Subsequent vehicles had the same size at each end, 13s on the Toyota, 14s on the first Mazda, 15s on the Mercury and the second Mazda, and now 16s on the Infiniti.

Which means that most likely I wouldn't have heard about this myself:

I just talked to a friend of mine that bought a new truck, and he got an extra little surprise when he went and purchased his tag ... I had to call the tag office and verify it because I wasn't sure that I heard him right.

Evidently, they are now charging an extra tax on wheels larger than 17.5" in diameter. $2.50 per wheel up to 19.5 inches and $3.50 per wheel over 19.5 inches.

The lady on the phone said that this started around July or so.

I was unable to find any reference to this in the Tax Commission's Motor Vehicle rules as currently posted. I did, however, turn up this new bit of legislation:

The value of any vehicle, for purposes of the excise tax levied by Section 2103 of this title, shall be the actual sales price of such a vehicle before any discounts or credits are given for a trade-in. However, the value of the vehicle prior to the subtraction of such discounts or credits for a trade-in shall be required to be within twenty percent (20%) of the average retail price value of such vehicle as listed in the automotive reference material prescribed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The actual sales price of the vehicle, which total shall be the basis of the motor vehicle excise tax, as well as the number of tires on the vehicle and the tire rim diameters, shall be entered on the bill of sale furnished by the seller to the purchaser, or on such other form as may be prescribed by the Tax Commission.

Emphasis as in the original. However, this isn't supposed to take effect until November, and it presumably affects the excise tax, which is a one-shot, rather than one's annual tag fee. Of course, the fellow with the new truck would have had to pay both of them at initial registration.

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Hmm. Well, my tires are 32 inches (or is it 33? -- either or), but I couldn't say offhand what the wheel size is.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:06 PM on 26 August 2007