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26 August 2007

You might as well sell that Pacer now

You are what you drive?

While the eyes may be considered the window to someone's soul, a person's car may very well be a window into the heart. "Many people rely on their date's choice of clothing as the primary indicator of personality, but their date's car may be an even bigger indicator of who they really are — especially in the love department," says Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., the host of Detroit's popular Love Doctor live television and radio programs.

Dr. Orbuch has interpretations for owners of SUVs, wagons, Jeeps, family sedans and luxoboats. Inasmuch as what I drive falls somewhere between the latter two types, I reprint them both here. First, the sensible sedan:

The car: A Honda Accord or other sensible sedan

What the car says about its owner: Someone who drives this practical vehicle is most likely educated and intelligent, Dr. Orbuch says. "This driver probably likes discussing politics and is very well-read and mature," she explains. "People who drive these kinds of cars don't take big risks in life, but hey, that mentality has served them well up to now!" What you may find pleasantly surprising is that the driver probably has a lot of savings socked away. "This kind of person has invested his or her money well and may very well be enjoying a cushy lifestyle, but is just smart enough to know that a car is a horrible investment," she explains. Ultimately, he or she cares about value, not flash.

What the car says about its owner's love style: Its owner will most enjoy someone who likes to converse about life, Dr. Orbuch suggests. "He or she thinks that support, friendship, and honesty are essential to a good healthy relationship," she says. Additionally, he or she probably doesn't mind spending a lot of money on a mate — "especially when it comes to travel, fabulous hotels, and great restaurants," she says. The thinking is: "I save when I can to splurge when I want."

By contrast, the Bimmerphile is less of a sure thing:

The car: A BMW or other luxury sedan

What the car says about its owner: Owners of these types of cars — think the BMW 7 Series — believe that they’ve made their money, darn it, and they’ve got the right to spend, flaunt it and enjoy it. "They might be a bit annoying in the boasting department, but they are successful people who have earned some bragging rights," says Dr. Orbuch.

What the car says about its owner's love style: Dr. Orbuch says these people tend to be slightly insecure when it comes to relationships. "They are usually nervous about making big mistakes in the love department," she explains. It's important for them to feel successful in all aspects of their lives. While these drivers don't mind someone who is impressed by their money, Dr. Orbuch says that they really do hope to meet someone who will like them for who they are. "The perfect mate for this kind of person is someone who is self-sufficient but genuinely happy to dote on a partner," she says.

The idea that someone might look at BMW's "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan and focus on "driving" rather than on "ultimate" seems not to have occurred to Dr. Orbuch.

I'm not quite sure how well I fit into a melding of these two types. Certainly I repel golddiggers, for the most obvious of reasons, and my level of insecurity borders on legendary; but being sensible and mature is hardly my long suit.

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I don't even count, as I drive a pickup.

Posted by: Jeffro at 4:02 PM on 26 August 2007

I don't think I want to know what this clown has to say about my Mercedes ML500.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:05 PM on 26 August 2007

I'm single and unattached, and when I read this kind of stuff it just kind of makes me despair. Probably the reason I'm single and unattached is that I'm so very bad at interpreting and sussing out all of the subtle, tiny details that it seems everyone else gets. Dating is just far too complex. It amazes me that anyone ever finds love.

FWIW, the closest thing to what I drive is a station wagon. (I drive a minivan. Not because I wanted a mom-mobile, but because I often haul field equipment and that seemed the most practical choice.)

Posted by: fillyjonk at 4:12 PM on 26 August 2007

Two words: Pimpmobile

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 11:40 PM on 26 August 2007