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6 September 2007

Coming soon: the iViolin

It's incredibly small, and you can hear it playing while you read this letter to Steve Jobs:

When you released the iPhone I was one of those pathetic fanboys seen in pictures around the country depicting the spell you had cast over my generation. I paid $600 for the 8 GB iPhone without complaint, just as I had for every iPod you have put out since the first generation.

My complaint is simply that you have dropped the price on the iPhone without recourse to the Apple faithful. I'm not hurting for the two hundred dollar price drop at all, let me be clear. However I cannot help but feel ripped off that in an unprecedented move as far as I can remember, you have lowered the price of a product of yours within 90 days of introducing it.

Having once spent $109.95 for an early-generation pocket calculator, no better than the ones they sell at the dollar store these days, I can say only this: BOO FRICKIN HOO.

Update, 4:15 pm: Steve Jobs hears the cry.

Posted at 1:32 PM to Dyssynergy

What a whiner.

Posted by: Nina at 1:41 PM on 6 September 2007

One can't help but wonder if he'd be rushing to send in a check if Apple had RAISED the price.

Posted by: Kirk at 2:38 PM on 6 September 2007

Boo Ficken Hoo, Indeed.

I got my Calculator at TG&Y for $89.00 in 1976. It's the kind they sell for $4.96 at the check outs these days. Mine was under lock and key; the manager handed it to my Dad. It had a cool naugahyde case and as I remember a 40 page book of instructions (or something like that).

Posted by: Jeff Shaw at 2:54 PM on 6 September 2007

Seriously. I got one when it came out, I was all too happy to pay, and while no one ever saw this price reduction coming, I went into it with full knowledge of the cost - and the benefits.

Boo Fricken Hoo is exactly right.

Posted by: Nate at 4:18 PM on 6 September 2007

Exhibit number 327 as to Why I Am Not An Early Adopter.

I mean, seriously - is he going to ask Jobs for reimbursement for the many hours he spent waiting on line, too?

Posted by: fillyjonk at 5:50 PM on 6 September 2007

I know that there are some people feeling shafted over this but the first generation (of all gadgets) is always jacked up in price. Moto Razer for 400, anyone? I was very close to purchasing an iPod last week and thankfully I talked myself out of it, knowing the next model would be out soon.

The real point is, if a product is not worth X price to you, then don't pay it. The tech world anxiously awaited the iPhone and paid the price but Apple knew that not every one was able or willing to shell out $600 for it.

Posted by: Bayou at 6:26 PM on 6 September 2007

Go to wherever you keep the junk and old electronics. There's stuff there you paid top dollar for a few years ago, that they couldn't give you today. That's the way of this stuff. The cycles of obsolescence are just coming screamingly faster than they used to, is all. (The original iPhone isn't exactly obsolete, of course, but they did knock off the 'cheaper' model. Clearly a higher-end model is on the way. Wait for that, or buy what exists now. That's always the choice.)

I'm resigned to the fact that all my old computers and electronics trend inexorably toward zero value. On the other hand, the stuff I buy today is always significantly better than what I bought yesterday. That's a trade-off I'll gladly accept.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 7:00 PM on 6 September 2007