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25 September 2007

Concentric circles, a single drain

General Motors will not be blogging the strike:

We've seen a number of comments coming in regarding this situation, and we appreciate the interest and opinions that you, our readers, have about this matter. But as I am sure that you can appreciate, these are sensitive times involving sensitive negotiations; a public blog is not the appropriate place for us to be commenting about them, nor do we think it's constructive to entertain a discussion of labor issues here.

This afternoon, we issued a statement regarding the UAW's decision; to this point, that is our only statement on the topic. Any future comments we have will be issued via press statement, and not here on FastLane.

Me, I'm inclined to agree with Robert Farago:

After more than a week of overtime negotiations, the UAW is on strike at General Motors. For those who think this action signals the beginning of the end for The General: yes and no. On the yes side, the strike will highlight the original sins that led both sides to this point. The executive greed and mismanagement. The union intransigence and denial. The strike will alert the dim-witted media that the Emperor hasnít been wearing any clothes for decades, ding GM's rep, and make it even more difficult for the carmaker to sell cars. On the no side, GM will settle. A compromise will be reached. The same players will resume the game, poorer but no wiser.

It might be interesting to see if the Presidential candidates issue statements on this matter. Or it might not; if GM and the UAW are still stuck in this endless pas de deux after a month or so, the only thing anyone's going to want to read is Chapter 11. Or 7, even.

Posted at 8:03 AM to Driver's Seat

Maybe this is why the local GM dealer in Newnan took down its vast GM corporate logo flag from the towering pole that had previously hosted -- and once again does -- only an even more vast U.S. flag.

And here I'd thought it was the anonymous complaint in the local paper's daily feature of ... well, anonymous complaints, that persuaded dealership management to stop turning a years-long-established expression of unabashed patriotism into a blatant act of crass corporate shilling.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:14 AM on 25 September 2007

Lordy, I can hear it uncle is one of the top union guys at the Defiance, Ohio plant.

Whenever there's a UAW strike, the family takes sides...I'm on the Scabs side, which does not endear me to my favorite uncle.

Posted by: aka_monty at 9:15 AM on 25 September 2007