The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 September 2007

Dot your Ts, cross your eyes

An item from next week's City Council agenda:

Allocation of $105,000 from the 2000 General Obligation Bond Authorization Proposition No. 1 — Streets, Bond Project No. A.351, Grace Avenue from SW 50th Street to SW 54th Street, be declared impossible to construct and said funds be made available for reallocation.

A similar (but more expensive: $1 million) issue exists for drainage improvements at NW 51st and Land Avenue, not far from my own legendary digs, and suddenly I understood the problem: this intersection does not exist. On the standard city grid, Land falls between Drexel and Independence (3200 block West), but on either side of 50th, you have Hamilton Drive instead. Turns out that the drainage project was for SW 51st and Land, and improvements on Grace Avenue will be between NE 50th and 54th, in the Green Pastures area. (There's a Grace Drive on the southside.)

So basically this is the legal housekeeping to fix a couple of typos. No harm done, particularly, but it does remind us (or me, anyway) that preview is your friend.

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