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27 September 2007

Down to size

Traditionally, weekends are made for yard work, but there's a lot to be said for getting it done during the work week, especially if you have attacks of Major Laziness come Saturday, as I generally do. And I've discovered that unless the workday has been unusually heinous, I can get home from the salt mine and go full tilt, or at least ¾ tilt, for about an hour before either the brain or the body tries to shut down on me.

So today I decided to attack the shrubs up front, while they're still worthy of the name "shrub." (The yaupon that sits in front of my bedroom window is probably past this status: it's now over ten feet tall.) Normally I prefer to do this in February or March, but the growth this year has been explosive — fifty inches of rainfall will do that — and I didn't take off so much that they'll suffer in the winter. And instead of bringing out the electricals, I did the reshaping by hand, which didn't take that much longer.

During the cleanup stage, a neighborhood kid, maybe six or seven, appeared in the driveway, as he's done before, looking for odd jobs to help fill his pockets. (Been there, done that.) I didn't have much left for him to do, and didn't have much to pay him with anyway. While I was trying to turn him away, he caught sight of the stubborn roses, now numbering in the teens, and expressed what sounded like delight, what with actual flowers still to be seen in this neck of the woods this late in the year. I said, half in jest, "You want some?"

He did.

So I brought out some suitable tools, and he made off with not quite a dozen of my finest pinks, which I suggested he might offer to his girlfriend. Actually, I suspect he's going to present them to his mom, about 1.5 seconds after she asks "And just where have you been?"

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