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20 September 2007

Get your sharia preview here

The E-Inn Hitech Star Hotel in Bangalore, India is approved for observant Muslim tourists:

[W]hat does this mean for the guest? no smoking, no drinking alcohol, vegetarian food only and wonderfully, in a semi-tropical country, no centralized air-conditioning, which apparently spreads dust, someone forgot to tell them it also stops you being stewed alive.

This trip to the burqa-clad lap of luxury will cost you only $125 a night, which strikes me as a tad high for the services offered. Not that I'm any kind of expert on hotels, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express this summer.

Posted at 11:20 AM to Dyssynergy

"omeone forgot to tell them it also stops you being stewed alive."


Posted by: Andrea Harris at 4:53 PM on 20 September 2007

Last time I was in Florida (not so long ago) they set me up with a room by the pool. Talk about maximum humidity: the sweat actually knocks on the door.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:22 PM on 20 September 2007

One year I lived in an apartment right next to the pool. I'm used to the humidity, I guess.... then the people upstairs had a leak in their washing machine that came down into mine and ruined some of my things. And of course there was the constant noise from the pool. After that I had a rule -- I will not live near the pool.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 4:26 PM on 21 September 2007