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11 September 2007

Governor Kim?

The Oklahoma Observer floats a trial balloon ("Observations", 10 September):

It's never too early to ponder the next gubernatorial race. Quick question: Can Democrats extend their grip on Oklahoma government's top job for a third term in a decidedly Red state?

Short answer: Yes, especially if the Republicans end up nominating a lightweight like, oh, say, Lance Cargill.

Unexpected answer from the Observer: Kimberly Ann Henry. Yes, really:

The First Lady never has held elective office, but knows first-hand the rigors of a statewide campaign. She's a powerful, behind-the-scenes force in her husband's administration.

As a former government, history and advanced placement teacher (eight years at Shawnee High School), she has street credibility as she advocates tirelessly for children and public education.

Further, she has charisma that would be the envy of any candidate.

I suspect her AP experience makes her overqualified to deal with the underachievers in the legislature. And there's that whole Lurleen Wallace thing: would people assume Brad was pulling the strings from behind the curtain?

There is, to my knowledge, no evidence that Kim Henry is considering any such thing. But hey, it's never too early to ponder the next gubernatorial race.

Posted at 10:00 AM to Soonerland

Is it just me, or shouldn't Democrats be wary of boosting a sitting first lady to succeed her husband?

Posted by: McGehee at 11:55 AM on 11 September 2007

It's never to early, but we'll see how 2008 goes before we say it's never too LATE.

Posted by: Nate at 12:15 PM on 11 September 2007