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26 September 2007

Hip to be squared

"Geez, how can I possibly top that?" was the way I responded to this:

The clue for 111 Across in [the] Boston Globe Sunday magazine crossword puzzle was "Generic Proposal." The answer (spoiler alert, for those still working on it!) was "Will you marry me?"

Most puzzle devotees no doubt just moved on to the next clue when they solved that one. But for Aric Egmont of Cambridge, those 14 letters on the grid were the actual proposal he'd been plotting for months to his girlfriend, Jennie Bass.

Egmont, 29, who works in the communications department at Fidelity Investments, contacted the magazine this summer to ask if the people who create the puzzles would be willing to write a special one for him. Sunday mornings for he and Bass, he said, have always included tackling the Globe magazine crossword, a tradition that started early in their relationship.

And better yet is 115 Down: "Hoped-for answer to 111 Across." Three letters.

In the unlikely event that I ever find myself in a position to do this sort of thing, well, I've got my work cut out for me.

(Via On the Other Foot.)

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