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5 September 2007

More self-hating carbon-based life forms

Something called "Environmental Defense" has issued a ukase to the effect that of the six largest motor-vehicle manufacturers in the US market, five are putting out more life-threatening carbon than they were fifteen years before, and Nissan, with a 9.5-percent increase, is the deadliest of them all.

"Market shifts to date fall far short of what would be needed to truly address global warming," wrote John DeCicco, the study's lead author. "New policies will be needed to significantly limit automobile carbon burdens."

I suggest DeCicco attack this problem at the source: by driving a Nissan vehicle (I recommend, to save precious time, the new Nissan GT-R) into the heart of the sun.

(Via Autoblog.)

Posted at 2:25 PM to Driver's Seat

i just knew there was a reason why Nissan was my favorite car manufacturer. I can't wait to buy another one.

Posted by: miriam at 9:56 PM on 5 September 2007