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4 September 2007

Obviously this isn't Sirius

XM satellite radio sends an email to a subscriber:

Starting September 1st and continuing on Saturdays through late November, we may preempt certain news, talk, and entertainment channels so that we can air select college football games. The channels subject to preemption include Air America, The Weather Channel and America Right.

Subscriber notes:

Someone obviously has made some very careful programming decisions in an attempt to be fair. Unfortunately, knowing human nature, they'll succeed only in ticking off just about everybody: liberals (Air America), conservatives (America Right), and everyone else (The Weather Channel). But you have to give 'em credit for the symmetry.

I think I'll go stuff a few more tunes onto my Walkman.

Posted at 7:12 PM to Overmodulation

I was wondering where they were gonna stick Big XII football. They had channels set aside for several other conferences.

I was going to let my 3-month trial lapse, but I think I'll extend it until the end of football season.

Posted by: Dan B at 11:13 PM on 4 September 2007