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9 September 2007


This item turned up in the Playboy "Raw Data" for October, and it piqued my curiosity:

According to a survey by Samsung, 39% of single women have sent a text message that they regretted the next day, a feeling known as "text shame."

Wondering just what sort of survey this was, I revved up the search engines and came up with this:

A recent study commissioned by Samsung Telecommunications America shows that Single Mobile Females (SMFs) — young single women who have cell phones — are using their phones as much more than a communication device.

The SMF survey shows that women's cell phones play an important role in relationships and dating, organizing their lives and fashion.

Some of the other findings:

More than one out of three SMFs have had a friend call them to interrupt a date (34%).

40 percent of respondents have faked technical difficulties to avoid someone they were not interested in dating.

More than 10 percent of females surveyed said that the "three day rule," which is waiting to call someone until three days after a first date, only applies to calling and you can send a text message to someone before day three (13%).

12 percent of females surveyed said that they would be less likely to date someone if they had a big and bulky cell phone.

Well, that's it for me and my six-year-old Nokia. Then again:

The survey, commissioned by Samsung, was conducted by Kelton Research and included more than 500 U.S. unmarried females ages 18 to 35 who have a cell phone.

Oh. Okay. They weren't interested in me anyway.

Posted at 9:59 AM to Almost Yogurt

This very thing has been covered in TV shows and movies. "I'll go out with him -but- if it starts to go south I'll text you real quick and then you will call me with a sufficient reason to abort the date".

So, if this happens be -very- suspicious!

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:01 PM on 9 September 2007

Which invites a further question: does it show up on television because it happened in real life, or does it happen in real life because it showed up on television?

Posted by: CGHill at 12:10 PM on 9 September 2007

I think you guys have to be rather grateful when this occurs. It's sort of a mercy kill. Would it be better to drag the apparently boring date to embarassing conclusion (her seeing some passing friends and leaving you in the middle of the street, or asking you NOT to call her again, ever, & &)?

She's doing you both a favor. Thank god for technology.

Posted by: Tatyana at 5:50 PM on 9 September 2007

Chaz, a better question would be: why are YOU interested in 18-to-35 segment of female dating pool?
What, are older women too smart for you?

Posted by: Tatyana at 7:56 PM on 9 September 2007

I know women barely into their twenties who are too smart for me.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:23 PM on 9 September 2007

OK, we filtered out this reason. What is your version, then?

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:17 PM on 9 September 2007

The mere fact that they aren't available to me (since the current governing axiom of my existence posits that no one is) doesn't diminish my interest, although it obviously does restrict it to the purely theoretical.

For that matter, I read car magazines, despite the fact that most of their coverage is for high-zoot buggies from places like Bavaria, vehicles that will likely never find their way into my garage.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:43 PM on 9 September 2007

Ah, so the interest is purely academic. Then phrases like "Well, that's it for me and my six-year-old Nokia." don't mean a thing.

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:35 AM on 10 September 2007

It might, however, be instructive to someone in similar straits, assuming there is someone in similar straits.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:59 AM on 10 September 2007