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21 September 2007

Quote of the week

Jon Canter interviews old friend Hugh Laurie (House) for TV Guide, and this exchange takes place:

As far as I can tell, this huge success hasn't changed you at all. So what was the point? Why go through all that if it isn't going to change you?

The only reason it hasn't changed me is that I was already a superficial, grasping egotist with an appetite for guns, cocaine and bondage when I came out here. The experience might easily have changed a nicer man.

He should have fit right in, except for that "gun" thing: it makes Hollywood types soil themselves.

Posted at 6:52 AM to QOTW

Is it any wonder why I adore Hugh Laurie? I swooned over his bad attitude in Sense & Sensibility and now I just love him.


Posted by: aka_monty at 8:33 AM on 21 September 2007

Does this mean surly and unshaven is "in"? 'Cause I am like, SO there.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 7:43 PM on 21 September 2007