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21 September 2007

Six billionaires, no waiting

To make the Forbes 400, you have to be worth $1.3 billion or so, and half a dozen Oklahomans (up two from last year) qualify.

In addition to the usual suspects — George Kaiser, Aubrey McClendon, Tom Ward and David Green — this year's list includes Harold Hamm, of Enid's Continental Resources, and Lynn Schusterman, widow of Charles Schusterman, founder of Samson Investment Company, Tulsa. Kaiser, as usual, is at the top: he's listed at $11 billion, twenty-sixth among the 400.

For the benefit of visitors from Seattle: Clayton Bennett, of Dorchester Capital and the Professional Basketball Club, did not make the list.

Posted at 8:00 AM to Soonerland

Are any of those guys middle aged & handsome (and single, natch)?

Failing that, are any of those guys REALLY REALLY OLD and in failing health (and single, natch)?

Posted by: aka_monty at 8:31 AM on 21 September 2007

I wanted to drop a note about a cool application that was buried a couple of clicks deep on the Forbes site.

If you go here: [Live link]

You'll find an interactive relationship viewer that we (GroupScope, Inc.) created in a partnership with Forbes to show the affiliation networks of the list member alumni from Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. It's a really great interactive way to learn more about the list. Thought you might enjoy checking it out.

Posted by: brad at 11:31 AM on 21 September 2007