The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 September 2007

Sorting the dead-tree detritus

I mentioned earlier that three magazines to which I subscribe would die in 2007, and then had to backpedal, inasmuch as one of them did not in fact die, or at least hasn't yet. Among still-extant mags I no longer get are Harper's Magazine, which is just too saturated in Bush Derangement Syndrome to be readable anymore, and Us Weekly, which was sent me as a replacement for the late, lamented Premiere, which I might have found useful were I more interested in celebrities in unfortunate outfits — and Heather and Jessica do it better anyway.

Stuff, as noted, will give way to Maxim. I am considering dropping US News and World Report, which of late has been more listmonger than actual news magazine; I am definitely dropping the online mag Salon. I spend more time with The Week than either, and I figure, if either US News or Salon has anything of interest, it will show up seven days later in The Week. Besides, I like the idea of a news magazine owned by, well, the guy who owns Maxim.

With two houses vacant, I now represent 11 percent of the block, but I suspect I get about twenty percent of the mail, so I figure the postman, at least, will be happy to see me cut back.

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