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10 September 2007

Strange search-engine queries (84)

Time to shake out the ol' referrer logs and see what falls out.

don't begin sentence with "it":  It is simply not done.

how to pronounce nacogdoches:  As Groucho once said, it rhymes with "full of roaches."

why isn't golf on KFOR in HD:  Better yet, why isn't golf on the radio?

"blackmail" bra:  Perhaps, if you catch the guy wearing it.

peek in his shorts:  You do and he'll hit you with his bra.

pornographic zip codes:  This would make more sense if it were unzip codes.

"invisible woman" nude:  How would you know?

what is the chemical formula for Unobtainium:  If we knew that, we could tell you how to obtain it.

innies and outies torture photos:  This doesn't sound like your ordinary, garden-variety navel-gazing.

Paul McCartney's Ebony & Ivory, example of syncretism:  Example of boredom, maybe.

tips on how to produce tub farts in a bubble bath:  Really, does anyone need instructions for this?

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"'Invisible Woman Nude' How would you tell?"

You just need to develop a feel for it.

Posted by: Alan Kellogg at 2:22 AM on 11 September 2007