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14 September 2007

Thirty-buck Chuck

Michele doesn't get the "shoe thing":

I own three pairs of shoes: black dress shoes I wear to weddings, funerals and occasionally to work; one pair of brown Converse and one pair of black Converse, which I wear daily.

This is all I wear when I'm not at work and some days, like today, I even wear them to work. I'm not a shoe person. I'm like the opposite of Imelda Marcos. I live in Converse. It's what I've always worn and wearing them makes me feel comfortable and confident and bouncy, all those things your favorite shampoo or dew-scented tampon is supposed to do for you. Or the way grandma's pasta or a bowl of Haagen Daaz makes you feel. Some people have comfort food, I have comfort footwear.

This is not by any means some kind of moral position, you should know:

I'm not trying to disparage you women who love your expensive shoes and handbags; it's just not for me and spending that kind of money on accessories is not something I can understand, perhaps because I've been poor and my mind is regulated to think frugally when spending money. It's why I haven't bought a Wii yet, even though I crave one. It's why I'm right now wearing a sweatshirt I bought four years ago and why we don't have a flat screen tv. I can't bring myself to think outside the poor box.

Still, these are the Chuck Taylor facts:

I have a feeling that even if I were rich and could afford a walk in closet full of shoes, it would be filled with 100 different styles of Converse.

Disclosure: I own eight pairs of shoes, half of them by New Balance.

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» It's A Shoe Thing from Electric Venom
I'm sure there are quite a few men out there -- some of them are straight, even -- who can understand having shoes to go with every ensemble in any type of weather, along with task-specific shoes, too....[read more]

I don't know how it happened, but I've got two pairs of boots, a pair of Rockports, a pair of hiking shoes, and two pairs of tennis-style shoes.

And a pair of wingtips I just dug out of the closet in preparation of the day (expected to be before the end of the year) when I have to dress up in honor of my ailing 85-year-old father-in-law.

There may be more lurking in the uninspected corners, but I don't remember having had that many before.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:16 AM on 15 September 2007

I'm poor too, but to me, shoes are floors for your feet -- they are on the dirty ground all day. Every once in a while I get the urge and buy a pair of "cute" shoes, but even then, comfort and sturdiness have to be paramount. And they must be on super sale or at least no more than $25.00 to begin with. (And then again it occurs to me that part of the attraction is the shoes are aesthetically pleasing apart from their function as shoes. I should probably just hang my last -- and currently only -- and currently still unworn -- pair of cute shoes on the wall, like art.)

I don't wear sneakers, though. My think these days is stuff that let my feet breathe. The best things I've found are these canvas "fishermen shoes," kind of like slip-on espadrilles. Very comfy, and pretty tough. I got two pairs at Walmart for $6.50 each.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:32 AM on 15 September 2007