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19 September 2007

Two days ahead of the trend

In The Lost Ogle's Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments, Hinder placed #4, just below Jim Inhofe. Says the Ogle:

Okay. We know everyone has their own unique taste in music. For the most part, we respect that. But if you're over the age of 21 and enjoy the "music" of Hinder, you need to see a therapist. And be sure to take your Axe Body Spray and Aeropostale shirt with you, too.

That was Monday. Today the Oklahoma Gazette's cover story is Hating Hinder: "Why do so many locals loathe the band?" In the story, it is revealed that there exists a MySpace group called "Citizens Against Hinder!!!", with, yes, three exclamation points.

I know, there's lead time and all, but still — advantage: Ogle.

Posted at 7:50 PM to Tongue and Groove

Hey! I like Axe - my son wears it. I just hate the advertising.

Posted by: Terry at 8:31 PM on 19 September 2007

OOH. That is one genuinely terrible picture of Toby Keith.

Posted by: Veronica at 11:28 PM on 19 September 2007

The list was actually compiled ten weeks ago.

Posted by: Clark at 4:49 PM on 20 September 2007