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24 September 2007

Why supermodels always look peevish

If you believe this, they aren't getting any:

Dr. Sarah Brewer, a sexual health doctor, reports that size zero models have very little if any sex drive. She claims that the bodies of very thin females goes into protective mode by diminishing sex drive and hence the prevention of pregnancy. As models lose weight, Dr. Brewer said that "As soon as body weight plummets below a critical point, the womb shrinks, menstruation stops and your level of sexual interest, fantasy and enjoyment falls." This is most likely to happen to females who lose weight by not eating. Dr. Brewer said this was "nature's way of making sure you don't get pregnant when you donít have the resources." She said that this might explain the "glum stares" of models on the catwalk.

Asked about this, Nicole Richie, size 0, due date 30 December, said, "Are you going to finish that sandwich?"

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Posted at 10:07 AM to Almost Yogurt

Actually, the deadpan stare is a trained thing. You don't want to draw attention to yourself by having a facial expression; you want to draw attention to the clothes you're wearing.

Otherwise, though, it's a valid point.

Interestingly, it works on the other end of the weight spectrum for many women... get too fat and quit menstruating/ovulating, too. I'm sure there's some fodder for the Darwinians in there somewhere.

Posted by: GradualDazzle at 8:21 PM on 24 September 2007

This is what fashion models used to look like:

[Fixed link. - cgh]

Posted by: miriam at 11:31 AM on 27 September 2007