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18 September 2007

Wince material

The Lost Ogle has been running, ten at a time, their Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments, which I mention here because (1) it's pretty darn funny in spots and (2) they were kind enough to leave me out of it.

You might disagree as to the exact placement of some of them — I know I do — but if you really, truly need a list of That Which Is Cringeworthy, and some night after not enough beers you will, the research is already done for you.

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Over at Dustbury, Charles has an entry about a list of the "Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments." Among the guilty: Toby Keith, Dr. Phil, and the movie "Where The Heart Is." That got me wondering......[read more]

Lame. I think the guy should probably move. Actually, some things and people on the list are cringeworthy (Tom Coburn, Steve Largent, Oral Roberts) and there are a lot of people on it that I don't know anything about but mostly the list just makes me go "Huh?" Also, I expected that noodling would make the list although I find that more amusing than embarrassing.

Personally, I would have included "People who don't know the difference between 'there' and 'their' and "People who mis-use apostrophes" but I guess those are not limited to Oklahoma.

Posted by: Lynn at 7:53 AM on 18 September 2007