The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

12 October 2007


The number 254 looms large in the memory of anyone who hacked (in the canonical sense) the Commodore 64: it represents the number of bytes in a 1541-formatted floppy-disk sector. Why 254? Well, the sectors did contain two additional bytes, but they pointed to the location of the next sector used by that particular file, the sort of semi-elegance you might be able to appreciate if you've ever hosed up a FAT16 system, which I have. Steve Punter's file-transfer protocol, designed specifically for the 64 and its kin, sent blocks of 254 bytes.

This week, Andrew Ian Dodge describes the Carnival of the Vanities, the 254th edition, as "tardy", and blames it on Maine, where things just sort of saunter by. Kind of like a C-64 download at 300 baud, in fact.

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