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25 October 2007

A voice made for magazines

A request to inventors, from Coyote Blog:

I am working this afternoon to put a narration track on my climate movie. The problem is that I don't really want to hire a narrator, and I don't really have that strong of a narration voice. What we need is some kind of digital filter that I could apply to my narration mp3 file to make me sound better. Click on "bbc" and suddenly I would sound like I have a lovely British accent. Click on "darth" and I would have James Earl Jones' deep baritone. In fact, in anticipation of such technology in the future, I think James Earl Jones needs to spend several days in a sound booth reading the dictionary so that future generation will have access to his voice, at least digitally.

And I'd like to have the "bobcat goldthwait" setting for use when dealing with intransigent customer-service departments, on the off chance that it will cause actual pain in the headsets of the jerks who may be monitoring these calls for quality purposes.

Posted at 9:24 AM to Dyssynergy

Bobcat isn't as bad, IMO, as either Gilbert Gottfried or Fran Drescher's _Nanny_, though it IS better suited for the purpose you stated.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:07 PM on 25 October 2007