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13 October 2007

Budging myself

Dave Budge, a week or so ago, sought to evaluate bloggers from the leftosphere, Montana division, and devised this scale:

The points on which I will score a given blogger will be based in the following criteria each on a scale of 1 to 10 with a combined possible total of 70 (reserved for people like James Lileks):
  • Sense of humor
  • "Eruditeness"
  • Imagination
  • Originality
  • Level of vitriol (inverse relationship — the lower the number the higher the vitriol)
  • Overall quality (do they give "good blog") and, last but not least
  • relative rank on the N-SHWP scale. (inverse relationship)

N-SHWP, you should know, standeth for "Neo-Socialist Hand-Wringing Pussy," a subspecies for which Mr Budge presumably has no use.

Were I to rate myself on this scale, I'd see fives and sixes all around, maybe a seven for the last item. (I'm not much of a "neo-socialist," but I've been known to engage in hand-wringing.) This puts me around 40.

I don't, of course, take this sort of thing too seriously, but it does reflect the idea, one which I've held for some time, that there are criteria for blog evaluation other than "Do they agree with me?" And this probably explains the haphazard appearance (okay, it's alphabetized, sort of, but that's it) of my current blogroll, though it in no way should be taken to assume that I've scored each and every entry therein except in the most perfunctory manner.

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